My feet touched Maui soil when I was six years old, and I was instantaneously enamored by the Island’s beauty, incredible people and sense of place. While my feet came and went on a regular basis, my heart has remained here for the last 41-years. To call Maui home -- feeling its mana and enveloping aloha -- is a blessing.

Ah Shootz was born on a fluke: a friend lamenting the fact that she couldn’t get a set of drink coasters that looked good, absorbed condensation and lasted for years. Her husband turned to me and said “Ah shootz, brah! You make’um, I buy’em!  Well, I made’um, he bought’em and the name stuck!

Today, we’ve expanded our product line (and its continually evolving and growing, just like a toddler), focusing on every day,  practical items with local images to bring the mana and aloha of the islands to your home or office. We invite you to check back regularly, as we’re adding more cool images and items on a weekly basis from our humble studio, in Upcountry Maui.

Mahalo and ALOHA!